The Institute of Psychotherapy and Disability exists as an organisation to develop, accredit and regulate psychotherapists who work with people with disabilities.

Established in May 2000 our initial focus was on the needs of people with learning disabilities, as this reflected the expertise of founder members. Over time, our perspective has broadened to include those individuals who have physical disabilities.

IPD has been recently accepted within the UKCP as a Listing Member Organisation of the Council for Psychoanalysis and Jungian Analysis. The next stage is for us to develop our accreditation criteria to reflect the broad range of therapeutic approaches represented within the current membership of the Institute.

The founder members have spent the last thirty or more years acquiring knowledge, applying expertise and evaluating outcomes, prior to taking the step of forming the Institute. Their motivation has come from the needs of individuals with learning disabilities to have an opportunity to benefit from therapies that are readily available for non-disabled people.

To join the IPD, please download an application form here:  2016 Member form

To apply to be on our Find A Therapist database, please download a form here:  2016 Database form

The IPD can only operate with the help of your kind donations.  Please donate safely and securely through PayPal by clicking on the button below:

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