Webinars in November

24th November 2020 

Dr Sara Ryan (Social Scientist, University of Oxford, mother, campaigner and author) will be in discussion with David O’Driscoll on her new book Love, Learning Disabilities and Pockets of Brilliance. How practitioners can make a difference to the lives of children, families, and adults.  (2021). 
“Beautifully written and absorbing, Love Disabilities and Pockets of Brilliance shines a joyful light on the kind of good support that enables people to flourish.”
Saba Salman, (Guardian, Journalist)  

Click here for a link to Dr Ryans book



Tuesday 3rd November 

Dr Valerie Sinason will be discussing her new book, The Truth about Trauma and Dissociation. Everything you didn’t want to know and were afraid to ask. (2020). Confer Books, with David O’Driscoll (IPD Chair).

Dr Susie Orbach has said of the book, “In plain language, she enables us to see forms of cruelty and the psychic consequences which lead to the extreme splitting of psyches into dissociated and multiple self-states.”

I will be discussing this important new book with IPD’s most senior clinician.   

I think it is a fitting way to end this years successful set of webinars.

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