IPD Monograph Book Series

Institute of Psychotherapy and Disability Monograph Series

Published by Karnac Books

Read the latest update from Dr Alan Corbett here

The Institute of Psychotherapy and Disability Monograph series is a unique collection of books focusing on working psychotherapeutically with patients with disabilities. The series, published by Karnac Books, features a mix of single-author books and edited collections of papers on various aspects of psychotherapy and disability, and is part of our mission to disseminate the clinical thinking of the Institute to a wider and broader audience.

We welcome submissions to write for this series. if you would like to submit your work, please send us a curriculum vitae, a one page abstract of the work, an outline of the entire manuscript (table of contents), and some sample chapters following Karnac Books’ submission guidelines. All submissions should be sent to Dr Alan Corbett (Trustee of the IPD and Editor of this series) at alancorbett@gmail.com Please also use this address to make contact with Dr Corbett for an informal conversation about any ideas you have, prior to submitting an abstract. These can include thoughts about single papers that might fit into future collections.

We are interested in ensuring that our publications reflect the diversity of clinical thinking within the Institute. We are a broad church of practitioners and hope this will be echoed in proposals from the worlds of psychoanalytic, psychodynamic, person-centred, art, drama, play, humanistic, Gestalt, CBT, Jungian therapies, and beyond. We are also an organisation that works with varying degrees of intellectual disability, physical disability and Autism, and it would be wonderful to see this reflected more fully in our catalogue.

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