We look forward to receiving applications and enquiries for membership. We would be pleased to be contacted for informal discussion and advice at any point during the process of application.

Membership Forms and details:

For membership form please contact


Registered office:

IPD c/o Denise Rolland,11 Genotin Terrace, Enfield, England, EN1 2AF

One Comment on “Contact

  1. Hi there
    I have been following you with much enthusiasm and solidarity on Twitter. I attended last weeks very lovely online forum with Noelle and David in bereavement and disability.
    Through the magic of twitter I was copied into a message that the wonderful Valerie Sinason is holding the next seminar on line on corona trauma and learning disability. I would love to join with you all . I have dyspraxia and some developmental delay/ but I did train at the Bowlby centre – although l have stepped away from client work now. Thanks please could I have the zoom link sent as an email warmly and best Natasha


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